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Whether your vehicle requires a transmission oil change, a transmission flush, or a re-learn, get it test-driven, diagnosed and serviced at Your Neighbourhood Mechanic.

If you feel shudder when moving off, delays or shudder when changing gears or signs of fluid leaks under your car then your transmission may need servicing. The cost of servicing your transmission by changing the fluid and filter is negligible compared to the cost of a transmission overhaul.

Our transmission service is suitable for all conventional transmissions or a CVT. Your Neighbourhood Mechanic is able to service all makes and models of vehicle transmissions to the manufacturer’s specifications, including European car transmissions. A transmission flush involves is a complete oil change of your vehicle’s transmission.  A transmission service involves the part dismantling of your vehicle’s transmission, removing the pan/sump, replacing the filter and another other transmission work that’s required.

You will findYour Neighbourhood Mechanic services particularly convenient if you live or work around the following areas: Auckland, Remuera, St Johns, Meadowbank, Glen Innes, Glendowie, Panmure, Mt Wellington, Pakuranga, Edgewater.

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