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Keep your car, 4×4 or van running reliably and efficiently. Your Neighbourhood Mechanic offers a schedule of car servicing to meet all vehicle needs. As your local  Auckland mechanic repairing cars in Remuera, St Johns, Meadowbank and Mt Wellington, our professionally trained team will also assess your vehicle and provide advice of any up and coming service or maintenance requirements.


EUROPEAN CAR SERVICING – European cars have different requirements in vehicle servicing and we are able to provide the appropriate oils, filters and fluids. Our diagnostic tools are able to clear all European vehicle warning lights and diagnose or identify any issues relating to dashboard lights.


SUPERIOR SERVICE: this service provides all the aspects of our other car servicing and additional services to ensure outstanding performance of your vehicles such as replacing spark plugs. We recommend this car service if you have recently purchased your vehicle and are unsure of its servicing history, if you use your vehicle as tool of trade or clock up a lot of miles on the road and if you are looking to improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your car. Think of it as a complete overhaul of your car to give provide comfort and surety of all aspects of performance and safety.

COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE: This is our platinum level service with a 50 point check undertaken on your vehicle. We recommend that this service is undertaken on a regular basis. The Comprehensive Service contains all aspects of the express service and additional checks and adjustments of key safety features of your vehicle, such as rotation of wheels to maintain even wear and grip.

EXPRESS SERVICE: Our express service provides a 29 point check which includes all the fundamentals of your car servicing requirements. In the express service all vital oils, fluids and filters are checked and replaced as required and through close inspection on the hoist and road testing that your vehicle is operating as expected.


Regular servicing of your vehicle is vital for its motor’s performance and longevity. For new vehicles, refer to your vehicle’s logbook or use this as a guide.

Petrol and Diesel cars

  •  Less than 150,000km = 15,000km or 12 Months (whichever comes first)
  •  More than 150,000km =10,000km or 6 months (whichever comes first)

Commercial Vehicles Petrol and Diesel

  •  7500km to 15,000km or 6 Months (This can vary pending on manufacture)